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The Glens consists of Pineglen East, Pineglen West, Clearview and Grenfell Glen neighbourhoods, with homes predominantly built between the 1940’s and 1960’s. Some of the distinctive architectural features throughout the neighbourhoods appear to have been inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architecture and Eichler's mid-century modern designs. The area with it's unique architecture and complimentary landscapes, has been home to a number of architects over the years. Creativity from architects such as Ogrodnik or Gerhard Linse, can be still seen in many of the local designs. At present, The Glens is home to approximately 550 households, with the Grenfell Glen neighbourhood being surrounded by the NCC Greenbelt.

The Glens Community Association (GCA) is a volunteer group run by an elected board of directors. Established in 1962 as a The Pineglen, Grenfell Glen, Clearview Property Owners Association, it was renamed in 1973 to The Glens Homeowners Associations and finally to make it less cumbersome, it became The Glens Community Association (GCA). For over 50 years, the GCA has united residents of Pineglen, Grenfell Glen and Clearview interested in preserving and improving their neighbourhood.  The GCA provides a forum in which community concerns can be raised, questions can be answered, issues can be discussed and problems can be solved. The Glens includes more than 550 homes built on a strong foundation of partnerships within the community.  Our on-going mission is to enrich and empower The Glens by engaging residents and enhancing the quality of life. We pursue issues of concern to community members, deliver solutions in step with the changing make-up of our community and enhance the experience of living in The Glens. The GCA continues to focus on resident's well being, safety, preserving community heritage, uniqueness and spirit. We maintain and strengthen our high visibility based on collaboration with other communities, organizations and the municipality while striving to adapt to the changing environment and the demands of modern life.


Who We Are

Latest Updates
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The Glens Map

The Glens boundaries.

Local Businesses

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